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Hello dear,

This theme will let you build amazing magazine and blog layouts on the fly, in this documentation i will try to help you create and setup with my theme step by step.

Install the theme

  1. After getting the theme folder you will find a file called, go to your wordpress dashboard
  2. under the menu section appearance you will find a menu item called themes, click on it
  3. on the themes page you will find the list of exiting themes
  4. Beside the page title “Themes”, click the “Add” button and upload after the uplaod complete click activate.

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Upload a logo

  1. After you have the theme installed, go to your wordpress dashboard
  2. under the menu section appearance you will find a menu item called customize, click on it
  3. on the customization page you will find a section called “General”
  4. Under this section you will find an option called “use text logo”
  5. If you want to use an image logo make sure this option is set to “off”
  6. After setting this option to off a logo upload button will appear
  7. Upload your logo and save changes

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Setup Home Page

To build a home page go to your wordpress dashboard

under the menu item pages click on add new page link to add a new page

Call it wathever you want

On the page edit screen select "Modular template" as the page template

On the left of the page under the page text area you will find a section called "Page settings"

This section will let you build a modular home page, via three blocks areas :

each area can have each own sidebar ( You can create multiple sidebar via installing a plugin like "Custom sidebars" )

and on each area you can add unlimted blocks

you can configure the blocks as you want

There is a total of 14 block styles that you can choose from

  • 1 column ( Image + Info Bellow )
  • 1 column ( Image + Info beside )
  • 2 Columns
  • 2 Columns ( Image + info beside )
  • 3 Columns
  • 4 Columns 
  • 5 Columns
  • 2 Categories side by side
  • Carousel
  • Featured post + Five Additional posts
  • Slider + 4 Additional Posts
  • Slider
  • News In images
  • Catigorized Tabs

Each block can have each own background

After adding and configuring your blocks

Go to your dashboard and under the menu section "settings"

Click on "reading" you will find a option called "Front page displays"

Choose a static page and for the front page choose the page that you have created

Now you should find your home page ready !

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Customize your site

With tissam theme you can customize everything Header, menus, news ticker, footer, fonts…

To do that and i will let you create your own and unique customizations via the wordpress live customizer, that's mean you will see changes live !

You can find the wordpress live customizer page Under the appearance menu item -> customize


[su_spoiler title=”Theme options” style=”fancy”]

The theme options panel let you want to control things like :

  • The news ticker
  • The carousel that shows the top of pages
  • the favicon of your site
  • the date format
  • the layout of posts listing the displaying of blocks like related posts
  • The ads manager
  • The google analytics code
  • The sharing buttons
  • The Like button
  • The ajax load more button
  • Enable comments on pages
  • The footer copyrihts
  • Your social links
  • Enable or disable lazy image loading
  • And much more…